Hooray for Fish

Hooray for Fish
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  • 作  者:Lucy Cousins 著
  • 定  价:¥109.00
  • ISBN:9781406345018
  • 出版社:Walker Books
  • 标  签:绘本   欧美    原版进口儿童书  
  • 图书简介

Splosh, splash, splish, hooray for fish! Swim with Little Fish andmeet all his fishy friends in this splishy-sploshy riot of colourand rhyme under the sea. Children will love snuggling up to watchthe animated version of this charming tale from the acclaimed KingRollo Films A– accompanied by specially composed music and narratedby Emilia Fox A– and following all the action in the classicpicture book. Please note this DVD is Region 2 PAL.

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