I Love Rainy Days

I Love Rainy Days
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An easy-to-read story featuring Noodles the little white dog! It's raining outside, so Noodles is stuck indoors all day! But he won't let that get him down. Noodles knows there are lots of fun games to play even on a rainy day. This funny Level 1 story is perfect for beginning readers. Scholastic分级读本系列旨在为不同年龄段的孩子提供适合他们阅读的内容。 本书为小狗杜豆儿系列之一。 杜豆儿好想出去玩。 可是,外面居然下雨了! 怎么办? 杜豆儿还会出去玩吗?它又会怎么玩呢? Scholastic分级读本第一级主要学习英语的常见词以及一些简单句。 书本词汇简单而富有韵律,插图颜色明快鲜艳,难易适中,是非常不错的英语启蒙类读本。 孩子可以轻松学习,快乐学习!

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